Packet Loss Test


Do you have a use for your own custom or self-hosted version of Packet Loss Test? I do offer licensing for the source code. This makes it easy for you to put a test for packet loss and jitter on your own website and/or localize it to your servers. If you own a VoIP, chat, gaming, or streaming service, this can provide your users with a simple, effective way of testing their connections to ensure your service works optimally for them.

While most of the computations are done on the client side, Packet Loss Test uses a light-weight application on the backend that is written in Node.js. If you would like help setting this up, modifying or expanding it, integrating the test into your site, or implementing it in some other language, I am also available for hire for contracting work. I can also add concepts related to jitter and packet loss such as loaded ping times, buffer bloat, and MOS score.

Rates vary based on your use case, but I'm a nice guy. They typically vary from free if you are just looking for an example to privately learn from to a few thousand if you are looking to add a public-facing version to your site. I am flexible though and will at least consider whatever you propose. Don't be afraid to email me for any reason.

Please contact me at: